Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My life is better than yours. For reals.

Check out the title of my post!  I'm not joking when I say this is the most syrupy sappy and sickeningly annoying post ever.  I could stop there, but I sorta feel that anyone so rude as to say that out loud should at least explain why their life is the best.  So, here I go.
My life is the best because.... well, pretty much for the same reason most women think they have the best life.
The day I met George.
Lets start off with my family.  I'm not going into the feelings I have for my husband because if you follow my blog at all, you've heard plenty about him, being that we're newlyweds and all.  If you've not been following, you can read about how he was worth breaking all of the rules in an earlier post.  Now that I've said that I won't go into my feelings, I WILL give some examples.  I think of the things I get my feelings hurt over and I feel like a hag (The husband isn't allowed to call me that, because it's what he calls his ex-wife.  To him I'm The Bag).  Yesterday I said something and he looked at me, made a stupid face and said "nehnehnehneh..." with his tongue sticking out like a child.  (I would have said blahblahblah but I'm a girl).  It was 7 pm and he'd just had one of those days where he was up at 3 am for work and walked through the door at 6:45 that night and here he was teasing with me instead of being a bump on a log as I'm sure I would have been after working all day.  When he does silly childish things like that I call it "Rig mode George" because he's still winding down from work and has spent his day with stupid childish family-less boys who joke and make fun of each other.  So, he was still rig mode George.  And I pouted.  He spoils me and on the rare occasion he makes me feel stupid , I know he didn't mean to. 
Our 5 month anniversary was last week.  I wrote on his Facebook wall that I love him and happy 5 months.  He never replied.  He checks FB on his phone every day and jumps on there occasionally at home but really, the man is gone 15-16 hours a day... I think the last thing on his mind is commenting on a post.  But he didn't and I checked every day for a comment until I finally got mad, commented for him, and then deleted the whole thing.  Childish?  Oh ya.
I thought he might kill me for bringing home Mutt #2 right before Christmas.  But he didn't.  And he's helping train the annoying thing.  Not many men would do that with a huge puppy they didn't want in a 3 bedroom house with 8 people and one dog already.
Basically I have the best husband ever.  He's being patient with his super high mantainance moody hormonal menopausal wife and loving me with all of my faults (and there are A LOT!)
Seritta and Adam
My children.  I have the best teenage daughters by far.  I couldn't ask for better.  And the craziest boys.  The oldest is so serious (it even says so in my sidebar to the right so it must be true) and the twins are crazy and wild and break things and fart and burp and, well you've heard all about them already.  Vanessa is just Vanessa and I love her so much because she is who she is and she loves me even when she shouldn't.
The dogs.  Jack is a human trapped in a dogs body.  I swear he understands English.  Bobo is adorable.  And annoying.  And he's also learning very fast.  And we love them :)
The house.  I love my house.  I had a hard time at first, knowing George lived here with Stephanie.  But then I realized it was never their home.  She didn't change anything when they moved in... not the hideous wallpaper in the bathroom, the depressing green paint in the kitchen, the grandma curtains all over the house.  She even left the tacky plastic on the stairs.  But I am making it our house with our big backyard where the boys play and the girls and I jump on the trampoline in the rain and huge master bedroom that houses 3 girls.  Since I moved in, the curtains (I made new ones for the bay window) and stair plastic are gone, the wallpaper in the bathroom is halfway off, the carpet is being replaced.  And in 5 months this house is more mine than it ever was hers.
Me and Kelly, the kids stepmom,
 Ice skating.  Those are
Vanessa's fingers
Even the ex's.  My ex's love my kids.  No absent fathers, no withholding child support.  They are of course, ex's and I have plenty of animosity over the marriages but thats over with and as far as ex's go, they aren't bad.  Camilla and Jarom's stepmom is just like a sister.
I could go on forever really.  My job and my boss.  I love my job.  George's job with 26 weeks off a year.  My family here within 10 minutes of me.  My friends who are like family.  My in-laws who love me. 
So as the title of my post says, my life is better than it's ever been and I wouldn't want anyone else's.

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Great post. I'm so happy for you.