Sunday, February 21, 2010


Wow, where did February go? The time flies by faster and faster every year. We're two months into 2010 and I find I'm still writing 2009 on all forms and papers that require a date. The last day of the month is only a week away! February hasn't been any more exciting than January was (which is actually quite a bit of excitement!) but a few things are worth mentioning.

My friend Crystal called and asked me to sub for Bunco this month. I love subbing for Bunco! It gives me a little girl time that I never think I need but always realize I do once I get there.

Camilla got a suprise for Valentines day! She had a delivery of three dozen red roses a few days before the holiday. Yes, three dozen! No one can figure out who sent them, it just said a Secret Valentine. She's going nuts trying to figure it out. The petals have started falling from the flowers that are now wilting on the dining room table, but knowing my daughter she'll not remove them from that place until the last petal drops.
She's suddenly becoming a big girl, with boy crushes and girl secrets. She's having to deal with jealousy and fighting with other little girls, who can be very cruel. Being as sweet as she is, she doesn't really understand the unfairness of growing up with kids who can be unkind to one another and to themselves. I love her so much for being the innocent little thing she is and for wanting to do whats right all the time. I had to endure the Young Women's preview this month which was heartbreaking for me because it forced me to accept that she'll be twelve this year. Turning twelve is a big thing for a girl because they enter Young Women's and leave Primary, which introduces them into a new phase in their lives. I think it's going to be as hard on me as it is her.

I'm working five days a week now, in charge of an after school program at the apartments where we live. Most days I like the kids I work with but it took a couple weeks to get to that point! They call me Mrs. Wonderful. I "suggested" it by promising a pizza party if they did it for a month and we're going on two months now and they continue. I love it!

I realize I only posted once this month, but I'll do better I promise! I hope everyone else has had a great February :)