Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Blog....

My good friend says I write in my blog like I would write in a diary.
Dear Blog,
Today I realized how horrible I've been at updating my blog. I am such a terrible person. I have about 4 more posts to go to get it up to date. I hope my friends still love me even though I'm unlovable.
More to come if I don't get so depressed I go into a coma.
Miss Horrible.

Single life

Various Midsingles events

Me and Michelle... LOVE that girl!

Playing games with the midsingles at Jerry's

Sardines.... the best excuse to snuggle with boys, no strings attached :)

Midsingles clubhouse dance party

Karaoke at Stephanie and Kelly's place. This was for Kelly's birthday party.

Memorial Day Barbeque at Jerry's

Will Hobbs

Pictures of Cami at the Will Hobbs ceremony in Auburn. She took her momma and her friend Julie, we had lunch and she got an autographed book by Will.