Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Blog....

My good friend says I write in my blog like I would write in a diary.
Dear Blog,
Today I realized how horrible I've been at updating my blog. I am such a terrible person. I have about 4 more posts to go to get it up to date. I hope my friends still love me even though I'm unlovable.
More to come if I don't get so depressed I go into a coma.
Miss Horrible.

Single life

Various Midsingles events

Me and Michelle... LOVE that girl!

Playing games with the midsingles at Jerry's

Sardines.... the best excuse to snuggle with boys, no strings attached :)

Midsingles clubhouse dance party

Karaoke at Stephanie and Kelly's place. This was for Kelly's birthday party.

Memorial Day Barbeque at Jerry's

Will Hobbs

Pictures of Cami at the Will Hobbs ceremony in Auburn. She took her momma and her friend Julie, we had lunch and she got an autographed book by Will.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April update

I'm getting worse at posting regularly. A few things have happened worth mentioning but not much. My Cami was voted class secretary. She now gets to sit by the boy she has a crush on during class meetings because he is class president. She's also captain of the basketball team and she just won a county award for writing a story. She gets to meet an author (can't remember his name) and get an autographed book. So proud of her!
Jarom turned ten April 15th. Such a brat for doing that to me. He had fun, got some good toys, and officially hit the double digits in his age.
I attended my first singles activity yesterday. It was fun, there were five of us ladies and one guy! We went to the Scottish Highland games with the boys and they made a new friend named Conner.

Conner, Jarom and Adam in front of a parade of bag piper people

Me with a King and Queen. Or Lord and Lady. Or whatever they call themselves.

Now on a more serious note. My camera died. Adam dropped it and my poor camera became a dead camera. Although Mr. Camera will never be forgotten, after more than a month of mourning my good friend sent me a new one and I can now take good pictures and not just crappy ones using Cami's little camera.

Look how much better this picture is compared to the pictures above! You can even see the toothpaste spots on the mirror!

As if that wasn't enough tragedy, my phone died of old age. She was a faithful phone, she'd been dropped in the water five times and stayed alive but finally her charger went out and she peacefully joined those phones who had gone before her. She now sleeps in the county landfill. Her replacement is on the way and should be here by the end of the week.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Wow, where did February go? The time flies by faster and faster every year. We're two months into 2010 and I find I'm still writing 2009 on all forms and papers that require a date. The last day of the month is only a week away! February hasn't been any more exciting than January was (which is actually quite a bit of excitement!) but a few things are worth mentioning.

My friend Crystal called and asked me to sub for Bunco this month. I love subbing for Bunco! It gives me a little girl time that I never think I need but always realize I do once I get there.

Camilla got a suprise for Valentines day! She had a delivery of three dozen red roses a few days before the holiday. Yes, three dozen! No one can figure out who sent them, it just said a Secret Valentine. She's going nuts trying to figure it out. The petals have started falling from the flowers that are now wilting on the dining room table, but knowing my daughter she'll not remove them from that place until the last petal drops.
She's suddenly becoming a big girl, with boy crushes and girl secrets. She's having to deal with jealousy and fighting with other little girls, who can be very cruel. Being as sweet as she is, she doesn't really understand the unfairness of growing up with kids who can be unkind to one another and to themselves. I love her so much for being the innocent little thing she is and for wanting to do whats right all the time. I had to endure the Young Women's preview this month which was heartbreaking for me because it forced me to accept that she'll be twelve this year. Turning twelve is a big thing for a girl because they enter Young Women's and leave Primary, which introduces them into a new phase in their lives. I think it's going to be as hard on me as it is her.

I'm working five days a week now, in charge of an after school program at the apartments where we live. Most days I like the kids I work with but it took a couple weeks to get to that point! They call me Mrs. Wonderful. I "suggested" it by promising a pizza party if they did it for a month and we're going on two months now and they continue. I love it!

I realize I only posted once this month, but I'll do better I promise! I hope everyone else has had a great February :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Love having boys!

Snippets from the boys conversations throughout the day:

Adam, while running toward me with Jarom on his heels: MOM! Jarom's gonna tell on me!

While playing the Nintendo DS on the couch:
Adam (look of deep offense on his face): Don't interrupt!
Jarom: What the heck! Why not?!
Adam: Because it's rude.
Jarom (arms flailing) : I didn't even interrupt anything!
Adam: Yes you did...
Jarom (blood vessel nearly popping from his head): WHAT?!
Adam: You interrupted me talking to myself.

While getting ready for bed:
Jarom: Stop following me.
Adam: But I want it
Jarom: Leave me alone
Adam: Not until you say yes
Jarom: I'm not saying yes... you're just wasting your time!
Mom: What's going on?
Jarom: He just wants to sleep with me!

But the best story happened a few years ago while walking down the road with four little boys in tow. My two boys and Jan Powell's boys Payden and Davey, at the time ranging from around 4-8 years of age:

Random comments from Jarom, Adam and Payden:

I'm a superhero and I have laser eyes!
Well I have super heat!
Yeah, and I can see through things!
I can lift up the world!
I know, and I have super strength too!
I have flying powers!


All boys cheer followed by:

I have scripture power too.... look at my arms, they're full of scripture power.... well it keeps ME safe from sin....Oh man, it keeps me safe from sin too!!

The boys then belt out the primary song "Scripture Power" without missing a word as we continue on our walk.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives so as promised, I'm starting a new blog. Our family consists of myself, Camilla who is eleven, Jarom who is nine and Adam who's seven. We're an active LDS family who loves to have fun! Check in often as we post the adventures of our lives!