Monday, January 18, 2010

Love having boys!

Snippets from the boys conversations throughout the day:

Adam, while running toward me with Jarom on his heels: MOM! Jarom's gonna tell on me!

While playing the Nintendo DS on the couch:
Adam (look of deep offense on his face): Don't interrupt!
Jarom: What the heck! Why not?!
Adam: Because it's rude.
Jarom (arms flailing) : I didn't even interrupt anything!
Adam: Yes you did...
Jarom (blood vessel nearly popping from his head): WHAT?!
Adam: You interrupted me talking to myself.

While getting ready for bed:
Jarom: Stop following me.
Adam: But I want it
Jarom: Leave me alone
Adam: Not until you say yes
Jarom: I'm not saying yes... you're just wasting your time!
Mom: What's going on?
Jarom: He just wants to sleep with me!

But the best story happened a few years ago while walking down the road with four little boys in tow. My two boys and Jan Powell's boys Payden and Davey, at the time ranging from around 4-8 years of age:

Random comments from Jarom, Adam and Payden:

I'm a superhero and I have laser eyes!
Well I have super heat!
Yeah, and I can see through things!
I can lift up the world!
I know, and I have super strength too!
I have flying powers!


All boys cheer followed by:

I have scripture power too.... look at my arms, they're full of scripture power.... well it keeps ME safe from sin....Oh man, it keeps me safe from sin too!!

The boys then belt out the primary song "Scripture Power" without missing a word as we continue on our walk.

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qdmitch said...

This only goes to show that boys have all the best ideas and stories... when are the girls gonna catch up? ;-) Scripture Power... reminds me of the 2000 stripling warriors.