Sunday, April 25, 2010

April update

I'm getting worse at posting regularly. A few things have happened worth mentioning but not much. My Cami was voted class secretary. She now gets to sit by the boy she has a crush on during class meetings because he is class president. She's also captain of the basketball team and she just won a county award for writing a story. She gets to meet an author (can't remember his name) and get an autographed book. So proud of her!
Jarom turned ten April 15th. Such a brat for doing that to me. He had fun, got some good toys, and officially hit the double digits in his age.
I attended my first singles activity yesterday. It was fun, there were five of us ladies and one guy! We went to the Scottish Highland games with the boys and they made a new friend named Conner.

Conner, Jarom and Adam in front of a parade of bag piper people

Me with a King and Queen. Or Lord and Lady. Or whatever they call themselves.

Now on a more serious note. My camera died. Adam dropped it and my poor camera became a dead camera. Although Mr. Camera will never be forgotten, after more than a month of mourning my good friend sent me a new one and I can now take good pictures and not just crappy ones using Cami's little camera.

Look how much better this picture is compared to the pictures above! You can even see the toothpaste spots on the mirror!

As if that wasn't enough tragedy, my phone died of old age. She was a faithful phone, she'd been dropped in the water five times and stayed alive but finally her charger went out and she peacefully joined those phones who had gone before her. She now sleeps in the county landfill. Her replacement is on the way and should be here by the end of the week.


qdmitch said...

What a dear sweat heart friend to know your camera had died and to gift you a new one. Those are the types you keep close and never let go, cause they'll always buy you a meal when your hungry.

Amber Meager said...

Oh that was sappy! I'm hungry.... ;)