Thursday, January 12, 2012

No more love notes, Mom

Because I suck at being a mother, I try to make up for it from time to time by leaving notes in the kids lunches that say I love you and have a good day.  This morning as Iwas making Adam's lunch, he looked at me with the look that says "I don't want to hurt your feelings, but...." and said (like he was walking on eggshells) "Mom, could you not put notes in my lunch?  It's really embarrassing." 
I pretended that he hadn't just broken my heart, smiled and said "Sure, I don't want you embarrassed!" then he sighed in relief and went to get ready for school. 
My baby boy is embarrassed by me.  Crap.  I just realized I'm not cool.


Me said...

So, sad. I've been leaving my roommate notes and he's loving it. No one has ever done it for him before. Which is quite surprising at his age. I thought all girls wrote and left love notes around for those they care about.

The other kids are just jealous so they tease him. It's so unfair when you're a kid.

Amber Merrell said...

I told him I leave daddy notes and he's not embarrassed.... he was like, Mom... dad doesn't eat in front of his friends! He's a great kid :)