Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm being stalked :-)

So, I have a new follower which means my followers has gone from 9 to 10.  I'm in the double digits now and I'm gaining in popularity.  The problem is this follower is confused. 
He or she has their name listed as Fake Friends Suck (there's a hyphen in there somewhere but I didn't pay enough attention to remember where).  I don't know if it's a he or a she or maybe a she-man. 
I, however am a real person with a real blog and a real name and real followers, although I think very few of them actually follow, which is fine because as anyone can see this is just a venting place for me.  My own husband doesn't even read my blog.
I think anyone with a follower named Fake Friends Suck would check out that particular profile, which is exactly what I did.  Like, a few times.  And guess what?  They don't have a blog or a name, in fact they only follow one blog.  Which is of course mine.  They've had 4 profile views and I know at least 3 of them were me, maybe even all 4.
I'm very much a people watcher, therefore I've become a blog stalker and a Facebook stalker.  I  Facebook stalk everyone.  I FB stalk my ex husbands girlfriends so I know who my kid(s) are being introduced to, I FB stalk my ex husband's sister because she tried to sue me for the boob job my ex husband is supposed to be paying for and I want to know her life sucks (which it does).  Petty, I know.  I FB stalk my ex boyfriends because, well who doesn't?  I FB stalk the bishop, the primary and relief society presidents, the neighbors, the kids teachers and friends who have an account.
I stalk pretty much anyone I can, and anyone who says they don't do at least a little stalking is lying because we all want to know something about someone.
I know I just made myself sound like a crazy person so lets get this straight.  I generally drop in on someone once. Or in some cases every few months.  I look at pictures, check out the family, make sure they aren't too weird and if they clog up my newsfeed I unfriend or block them, and if I never see them on the newsfeed I forget they're even on my list.  I don't have time to stalk more than that.  I have six kids and when I don't have all six of them I have a house to clean, people to visit, an adorable dog to play with, FIVE kids that I babysit and haul around even when I don't have my own children, and other important things to do that other moms do over the period of a month and I do in two weeks.
So the point of this post is that there's really no point other than to let the stalker know that I know they're there and that I'm ok with it.  It almost freaks me out, but more importantly makes me feel sorta like a celebrity.  So, thank you stalker who may or may not be a she-male and may or may not even stalk me at all (um, ya right) but who has now put me in double digits and made me feel important.  I should have found a stalker years ago.
If I actually have anyone who reads my blog, please visit this link so my stalker can have a few more views than the 6 I've made (I had to check the page to make sure the link worked, so now the views are up to 6!  Congrats stalker!)
And I just have one question.  If I have a real profile, and Fake Friends Suck has a fake profile, doesn't that mean I'm real and they're fake?  So are they saying they suck since they're a fake friend on my profile?  Now that's deep.

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Me said...

It is important to see who your kids interact with. Thus I support your research. I wouldn't really call it stalking. I keep tabs on my boss's grandkids for him. Facebook is amazing for keeping in touch with family.