Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bras for a Cause

My girlfriend and neice Annalee is always doing volunteer stuff.  She's on the relay for life team and her latest endeavor is called "Bras for a Cause".  So... a bunch of people decorated bras in all crazy looks and wore them to Little B's last Friday.  Several were auctioned off and although I don't know the exact amount, I think they raised quite a bit of money for breast cancer research.  My friend Niki and I spent an entire afternoon decorating and here's the finished product:
It was a fun night, but being in the bar scene just didn't feel right and with my arthritis in such a flare I can't wear heels for too long and I was in 3.5 inchers that night, ouch!  So we went, got checked out and hit on by the drunks and left after only 30-45 minutes.  It was a fun memory for us and we'll probably do it again next year :)

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Me said...

Looks like fun. My boss's gallery used to do(the gallery os now closed) an annual charity show for breast cancer. I loved seeing all the creativity. I always wondered what people did with the highly decorated bras and boobie artwork when they got home.